Goals, Intentions, Visions and How to Achieve Them

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Many of us see the countdown to midnight as a fresh start, clean slate, and a chance to start working toward something new and big. Every year we set resolutions that usually start to peter out around this time every year, sound familiar? First off let me say, “Yes, I am aware that it is almost February…” To be honest, I don’t do resolutions, I’ll explain in a second. Second, I planned to post this earlier on but thanks to some unexpected glitches with my site, well, here it is.

Now, I’m not a fan of the word “resolution”, it has a negative connotation to it in my opinion. To need a resolution, you have to have a problem first. With that mentality, you’re not setting yourself up to invite positivity in.

Personally, I prefer to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals, create a vision board, and establish a word of the year to live by. Instead of having the negative connotation (that a problem exists and I need to solve it), these goal setting methods can be created with positivity, and thus be starting your year off on a good path!


If you’ve never heard of SMART Goals, let me explain. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. It’s a way to really specify your goals and break them down so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve them by the time you’ve established.

Let me break it down a little more… it’s probably a little easier with a graphic anyway!

A Word of Intent

Establishing your word of intent for the year is also a great way to start the year. My favorite thing about words of intent is that they grow with you, and evolve throughout the year.

Your word of intent should be somewhere you will see it often so that it stays with you. A good way to do this is to set reminders on your phone, write it on your mirror, or even get a piece of jewelry that has the word printed on it.

How to Pick Your Word of Intent

Picking your word of intent means taking a moment to reflect on yourself. Goals you have. Things that make you happy/feel like your true self. While you’re reflecting on yourself, think about what is holding you back from achieving your goals or what word would help you achieve whatever it is you want. It may be a word like COURAGE, FREEDOM, CLARITY, JOY, BELIEVE… GRATITUDE. (Hehe see what I did there?)

Write down a few words that come to mind. Sit with these words and focus on which one has the most impactful energy on you. When you feel a word that really feels right, that will be your word. Declare out loud, “My word is _____!” Then place that word where you can see it every day as a constant reminder to live that word.

Create a Vision Board

Alright, time for some arts and crafts! Gather up your old magazines that you were holding onto because you saw that one thing you loved, grab the scissors, and glue or push pins. Choose your type of board: cork, canvas, or poster board.

You’ve got your supplies, now its time to set your space. Minimize distractions so you can focus on you and what you want to manifest. Your vision board is going to serve as a visual representation of those and will be a constant reminder. “See it, be it, become it,” as I like to remind myself.

When setting my space, one thing I really like is to make an essential oil blend in my diffuser. I opt for lavender (5 drops), lemongrass (3 drops), and peppermint (2 drops).

Now it’s time to buckle down and get to work. Start off by asking yourself questions like:

  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • List three goals you’d like to achieve (this year/in your life).
  • What would a really happy day look like for you?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would that be?

Now, remember when you were working on establishing your word of intent, think about some words that mean something to you and jot them down. Now you have a roadmap.

Flip through your magazines and find pictures and words that stand out to you and coincide with your roadmap. This is where you can get creative! If you spot your dream kitchen, a fit body you’d like to achieve, or a place you want to visit, cut it out! Collect as many clippings as you can before you start laying them out on your board… don’t be afraid to layer!

Here are some examples of picture representations I have on my board:
  • I want to get into running (preferably when the weather is better) and I know that I need someone to help push me to run. So, I found a picture of two people running together with the words “Positive Peer Pressure” on it!
  • I really want to work on keeping my depression slumps at bay. When I found an article titled “C’mon Get Happy!” not only did I use those words, I used the photo the corresponded with the article. A girl bouncing around, having fun.
  • I don’t have a dedicated workspace in my current home but I am moving this year and I found a picture of the perfect workstation… I will have that table!

When you’re happy with your layout, glue or pin the pictures in place. When the glue dries, hang your board in a place where you will see it regularly.

What do you want to achieve or manifest this year? I’d love to hear your words of intent and see your vision boards! Drop your word in the comments below, and post a picture of your vision board on Instagram with the hashtag #GoalsIntentionsVisions!

Shew! That was a longer post than I anticipated. I’m going to forgo my typical Friday post this week and focus on next week’s post about Comfort Food! See you Monday!

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