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Journaling 101 – The Why?

February 9, 2018 , In: Breathe, Mental Health, Self Care , With: No Comments

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It’s no secret that journaling is SO IN right now! But how is this old-school method of taking pen to paper becoming such a huge craze?

Well, it turns out it’s not just a fad! Journaling has been around for CENTURIES. People from Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein, to Andy Warhol and Maya Angelou, were known journal keepers. It’s a creative necessity for many, and for others, a place of exploration or an art form on its own.

“I Am NOT a Creative Person or Innovator…”

That’s okay! Journaling is helpful for everyone. It’s a way to decompress, clarify your thoughts and prioritize them.  Think about it. We live in a world where we are constantly receiving new information. Whether it be the news, emails, text messages, social media notifications, etc. our phones, computers, and TVs are constantly battling for attention.

Now, more than ever, people are detoxing from technology.

Unplugging is something we all should do more of. It allows us to pay attention to ourselves and what we need. Add journaling to the mix and you, literally, are making notes of your thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It’s a place, to be honest with yourself and even more be unlimited.

“I don’t have time! I’m SOOO Busy!”

We are all busy. We all devote our time to other things. Whether it’s work, friends, family, or the constant buzz/ding of our devices. When do you devote time to actually do something that makes you grow and feel better? (Gym counts, but only if you’re doing it because you love it. Not because you need to do it.) If you turn the screens off and unplug for just 5 or 10 minutes in a day. It’ll be life changing!

I know, I know… “How do you know, Kaiti?”

Well, I’m living proof that it works. In the middle of last year, my life got flipped around and I was lost. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t focus on myself long enough to figure out what I needed to do to smile and laugh again. My mom suggested a focused method of journaling, creating a Gratitude Journal. Spending 5-10 minutes every day to see the good in what had happened. Mid-way through, I felt myself shift.

I could think clearly, I could smile. I didn’t feel like an empty shell of myself anymore. Nothing else changed in my day-to-day. Just by adding in a journal commitment, I became a whole person again.


And listen, I’m a human! I fall off the journaling wagon too! I have journals and planners that I got a great start with and then I put it in a backpack to take on the go, and forget about it. It happens! I’ve learned for myself to keep a journal that is blank, no dates. It feels better (less discouraging) to not have a constant reminder that I was slacking for a little bit!

You are in control!

Find what works for you! If keeping a morning journal helps to get you charged up and centered for the day ahead, journal in the morning. If journaling is your way to decompress and unwind at the end of the day, do it before you go to bed.

For me, my work schedule varies from day to day so, so does my journal schedule. What about you? Do you keep a journal or use a planner? I know there are apps that allow you to keep a “journal”. But for the love of all that is great, put down the screen and get back to the natural method of paper!

I just got a new journal and I’m loving it so much! You can choose your page style (ruled, squared, dotted, or plain, depending on your preference!) The color is happy and vibrant so I can’t really lose it… I mean… umm when I see it reminds me to journal!

Here’s a link to purchase my same notebook, which color will you choose?

Come back in 2 weeks, I’ve got tips on what kinds of things you should be writing in your new journal and 31 journal prompts to try in May! And later on, I’ll introduce you to a 30 day Gratitude Journaling Challenge. Want even more? I’m working on creating a weekly journal prompt email. More to come on that later!

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